Taipei is a difficult city to capture in pictures. It doesn't have the photogenic good looks of Barcelona. Nor does it have the history of Paris. It doesn't have the modern architectures of London. And it doesn't have the techno-cool of Tokyo.

The best way to convey what Taipei is about would probably be through very focused series of pictures on very specific subjects, like street/night-market vendors, for example.

Of course, that's not what I have here. Everytime I've been back in Taipei I've basically spent all my time in a drunken stupor been busy, so I'm lucky I even have these shots. Maybe next time I'll stay sober long enough to go out and really try to photograph this city that I love so dearly.

In any case, Taipei is not meant to be seen, it's meant to be eaten!! That's really the only way to fully appreciate what Taipei is all about.

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