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Barcelona was just wonderful. After almost two weeks of old Spanish cities, Barcelona was like a refreshing oasis for me. Ah! Modernity! Seeing Gaudí was every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. What's not so amazing was the incredible lengths we had to go to just to get into some of the buildings. 2002 was Gaudí Year and Barcelona did such a great job of promoting it that you have to line up early at many of the buildings just to get in. It was all very amazing if you think about it. Thousands of people in the city, lining up to see architecture. I know architecture is in vogue and some architects are big stars, but a whole city's tourism based on an architect not named Gehry? C'mon! How many non-architects even know who Gaudí is? Anyway, i thought it was pretty amazing. So, limited opening times combined with limited tickets combined with limited days in which to see them all made for a stressful experience. But I'm glad to say it was all worth it. It's hard to categorize Gaudí. His work seems out of this world: not quite old, but not quite modern. It's as if it's from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... It's all very mystical and fantastic and futuristic all rolled into one.

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