Kyoto + Osaka


Modern scenes [ 24 photos ]
Old Kyoto [ 20 photos ]
Food shopping [ 30 photos ]


The Church of the Light [ 14 photos ]
The Water Temple [ 16 photos ]

The highlight of the trip, aside from seeing two of Ando's best works, was a morning stroll through Fushimi Inari Taisha (see photos 11, 12, 13 and 14 under Old Kyoto). It features thousands of torii gates lining the winding hiking trails of Inarisan, a wooded mountain just outside Kyoto.

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Security at JFK has been stepped up since my last trip in November. This meant that there are now 8 to 10 drones working each x-ray station. The metal detector sensitivity has been turned way up. I was subjected to what I'd call excessive padding because my zipper set off the metal detector. While I don't feel any safer, I certainly feel more harassed. Ten security apes don't mean safety! Moreover, I definitely did not appreciate seeing army personnel in full fatigues patrolling the airport with machine guns at their side.

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