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At immigration, the officer asked me what the purpose of my visit was.

"Sightseeing," I answered quickly and matter of factly.

He furrowed his brows and shot me a suspicious look.

Thinking perhaps he didn't understand me before, I added, "Holiday? Vacation? Look around?"

The look of concern remained as he carefully flipped through my passport a second time.

An awkard pause.

"Sexy?" he finally asked.

Ha, he thought I said the purpose of my visit was "sexy".

* * *

Maybe it's just me, but until I decided I was going to meet some friends in Bali and take the opportunity to see Borobudur, I never realized how much there is to see in Indonesia. I would reckon it's not particularly high on most people's list of must-go places (Bali aside) but trust me, go flip through a guidebook one day, you'll see why it should be. I barely scratched the surface during my week there (maybe not even the surface, I've seen literally so little of what's there to see). It's one of those places I'm going to have to make a return trip to in order to do it justice.

See also my Indonesia (May 2007) photoset on Flickr for personal photos from the trip.

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