Athens [ 22 photos ]
Nafplio [ 5 photos ]
Olympia + Delphi [ 9 photos ]
Meteora [ 12 photos ]
et cetera... [ 12 photos ]

I thought it was the perfect time of year to visit Greece. As you can see in the pictures, sometimes it felt as if it was just us, the locals, and some sheep and goats. Even traditionally crowded sites like the Acropolis and Delphi were practically empty. It was as if the whole country was open to only us. Another great plus for a November visit was the weather—low 50s in the morning and high 60s in the afternoon. As I hiked and climbed I was glad we weren't there sweating it out and rubbing elbows with a hundred tourists. Yeah, yeah, it was too cold for beaches, but you know, I'm not a beach person. In any case, I think that relaxing on beaches and getting sun-tans is a very different type of trip than visiting ancient ruins. If you have a good time on a beach, you might end up with a lousy time in the ruins. Ideally you would do a island-hopping-beach-going Greece trip on its own.

My biggest complaint about Greece was their food: Let's just say towards the end of the trip, I was eating chocolate candy bars for dinner.

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