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All I knew about German food prior to the trip was that there's a lot of sausages and potatoes. Hey, I love a good sausage as much as the next person but everyday? Horrible visions of my Greece trip where all there was was grilled meat danced in my head. So, I was prepared to hate German food, but it was great. Not just good, great. Everything we tried was consistently delicious, even the non-German stuff. In addition to ethnic German fare, we tried French, Malaysian and Vietnamese, and they were all top notch. We've had our best eating experience here of all the places we've been to (Taipei and Tokyo excluded, but I'm biased towards those two places). And the bread and the good. Drool.

I haven't even mentioned the beer. Though I'm partial to British ales, I'm also very fond of German weiss. Often times, it's cheaper to order beer than Coke. Coke is expensive in Europe!—it was cheaper to drink wine than Coke in Spain, too. So I ended up drinking beer every single day. I don't think I've ever drank beer day after day like that.

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