Boston: Zakim Bridge et al


Zakim Bridge [ 15 photos ]
et al: Assorted Boston infrastructure [ 11 photos ]


Simmons Hall
   - Steven Holl [ 30 photos ]
MIT Chapel
   - Eero Saarinen [ 15 photos ]
Gropius House
   - Walter Gropius [ 13 photos ]

Took the scary-cheap (or just plain scary) Chinatown bus to Boston last week. Maybe it was just the absolutely gorgeous weather the two days I was there, but Boston looked... beautiful.

Funny how I had never noticed, in all my times up there, that the view of downtown Boston from across the tree-lined Charles River is so stunningly picturesque. Either that or I must have been cooped up in the damn East Village tenements for too long... Time for a real vacation.

But I digress. The raison d'être for the trip was to attend a tour of the Big Dig. The tour was disappointing as we were shown only a little bit of the tunnel and then a little bit of the bridge. I had hoped to be able to go deep into the tunnels and see some of the support structures related to the operation of the whole system, but we saw nothing of that. We basically walked 20 feet into the tunnel, turned around and walked 20 feet onto the bridge, and that was it. Fortunately we planned (as usual) several interesting buildings to see. We visited Gropius House in nearby Lincoln, then spent several fun hours prowling the MIT campus, exploring an empty MIT Chapel and sneaking into Simmons Hall.

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